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Space Taxis Published!

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Harriet Frosh is delighted to announce that her new speculative, science fiction and alternate history novel, Space Taxis was pubished on 6th November 2020! Written jointly with her father, it’s not her first novel, but it’s the first she’s shown to a publisher….

“A perfect blend of Science Fiction and Alternate History”

It’s a blend of Science Fiction, Alternate History, with a touch of spiritual mysticism thrown in.

The Blurb

It’s 1977. New York cab driver, Mike Redolfo, is abducted by aliens as a result of a mistaken identity and is now stranded on planet Vost.

Back in 1944, World War II rages. The architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, is about to order the execution of all concentration camp prisoners, while a mysterious man and his Jewish fiancée are fleeing Nazi occupied Prague.

Unable to return to Earth, Redolfo manages to find a job. His taxi is modified for air travel and he starts work as a cab driver, ferrying the planet’s diverse alien species around the capital city.

His luck runs out again, however, as he unwittingly gets involved with a shady gang of alien criminals, and discovers to his horror that his actions have brought the planet to the brink of catastrophe.

With millions of alien and human lives at stake, the link between the two timelines becomes clear.

Determined to undo the harm he has done, Redolfo discovers secrets from the past that could hold the key to saving the planet.

If you love SciFi films, but never quite got into science fiction books, Space Taxis could be the novel for you. Fast paced, fun, and also at times intensely sad and scary, with great characters, don’t miss out!

Aimed at an adult or even young adult audience, for fans of Space Opera, and Historical fiction, and even fans of Wicca and Celtic Mythology.

Interesting Facts about Space Taxis

Space Taxis might be mostly set in the 1970s, on another planet, and back in Nazi occupied Europe, but there’s an underlying theme of Celtic mythology. See if you can spot it early on!

Space Taxis gives an explanation for a hitherto unexplained real mystery dating back to Nazi occupied Europe in 1945.