Space Taxis Features on Radio Show!

If you haven’t read Space Taxis yet (if so, why not??) then you won’t know that the book features quite a bit of 1970s music.

Mike Redolfo, when abducted in 1977 to planet Vost, has a hyper-space probe fitted to his taxi’s radio, so he can keep up with all the cool 1970s music, including Rubber Band Man and Fly Robin Fly.

You may not know either, that Adam is a guitarist in a funk band, and so music is a large part of his life. It’s hardly surprising we ended up putting quite a bit in the book!

Find out more about Space Taxis, the music and sounds of the ’70s, and much more by listening to Adam’s interview on Spectrum Radio here.

Space Taxis

You can buy Space Taxis here. It’s also currently free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. It recently received the five star medallion from Readers’ Favorite with three out of three 5-star reviews. Please leave a review if you’ve read it, these are important to get the word out about the book.